I design cool brands and apps
Inspired by fruit

Fruit is nature's dessert. It's sweet, healthy, and cheerful. I love fruit and try to live the analogous qualities I see in it.


My career started at Fannit, a startup marketing firm where I designed mostly infographics. I moved from there to Fresh Consulting, where I connected with crazy good designers and learned UX. I started taking on freelance gigs during this time, and advanced to a Sr. UX Designer role at A Place for Mom. Now I work as a Sr. UX/UI Designer for Microsoft.

Over the years I've won a few awards and earned many recommendations, but I always keep learning.

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Product Design

My forte is full process UX design for digital products, from strategy and information architecture to design systems, UI design, and prototyping.

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I did a few casual logos in my early career, but I became passionate about holistic brand design after some larger projects and my personal rebrand.

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I did my first professional website design for a client at 17. Since then I've designed dozens of sites and now develop them too.

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Most of the projects in my first job were for infographics. That wasn't glamorous, but lately I've been inspired to pursue true graphic design.


Explore designs for both corporations and local businesses.

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Side Hustles

There's more here than just pixels.

I'm never satisfied and always thinking, so even when I'm not working for money there's something being created.

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Misdiagnosed. A break from impostor syndrome

Concern has been building lately as I continually hear people diagnosing self-doubt as Impostor Syndrome. In this essay I'll reflect on how negative feelings of being clueless, inadequate, and dissatisfied fueled positive direction.

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August 20, 2019

A Eulogy for Social Interaction

Sometimes I hold my phone for so long that my pinky finger starts to hurt. I've messaged him, texted her, and replied to them, yet I'm still tapping for something to do. But that hunger for likes and quick satisfaction is getting old. Wait, not old - exhausting. I wish this were less shallow. The perpetual connection to humankind ought to be meaningful.

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August 11, 2019

The UX Designer's (Complete Yet Concise) Guide to Accessibility

When I first started designing accessible experiences I struggled to find clearly listed standards to follow (or should I say, easily accessible standards 😉). So now that I've become versed and more experienced in accessibility, I'd like this article to be a clear reference - i.e. what I wish I could've found when I was learning.

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January 15, 2019
UX Lesson

My interests continue...

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I do standup at open mics and act in an impov theater group, the Crackpots.

Link coming soon!
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I learned to love and play music from my parents, both professional muscians.

YouTube channel soon!
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The list is mostly to help me remember what I've read, but you might find an interesting title yourself.

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Sometimes I make resources like


, a free

UI kit


These are things for other designers to hopefully find useful. Sometimes l can't find what I want, so I just build it myself.

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