Designer of visual experiences.
Inspired by inherent beauty.

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Understand → Research Users → Compile Inspiration → Concept → Design → Optimize → Test → Deliver


My greatest strength is full-process web app design, with many of the same strengths spilling into mobile app and web design. I design predominantly using a coding platform, allowing me to build prototypes and launch full websites. I also have extensive experience in branding and graphic design.


Trends go in and out, but the laws of nature and tendencies of human behavior remain dependable. I'm interested in designing experiences that can be enjoyed by anyone, and creating art that will always be beautiful regardless of era, ethnicity, gender, status, or the temporary vogue. I call this timeless approach "inherent beauty".

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My Philosophy's Evolving

I'm developing a thesis to explain the thoughts I've been mulling over. To be published soon.

Welcome to my portfolio. Maybe some eyecandy, hopefully some inspiration. These are recent projects. I'll add text right here.



A Design System for the World's Real Estate King

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Design System, UI, Prototype
A Design System for the World's Real Estate King

Co-founding a Platform to Measure ROI

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App, Brand, Website
Co-founding a Platform to Measure ROI

Repositioning a Boutique Marketing Firm

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Brand, Website, Print
Repositioning a Boutique Marketing Firm
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Essays about design, usability, business, et cetera. Musings about anything. Thoughts are my own.


Questions to Ask in Every User Experience Test

April 12, 2018

Before doing a redesign, I always want to test the client's current design with targeted users. This provides extensive information into what exactly their target audience wants to see changed. These are the questions I ask in my tests.

I Tried to Switch, But My Windows Phone Still Won

April 10, 2018

It seems like every designer (or really anyone) these days has either an iPhone or an Android device. In fact, I get weird looks from colleagues just for using a PC and having a Windows phone (maybe I’ll write on why the computer another day). So I’m here to clear it up — every time someone asks me why the Windows phone I’ll have somewhere to send them, and hopefully you’ll be informed.

Questions I Ask Every Client at Project Launch

April 12, 2018

The first step in my process for any project is knowledge growth. In order to accumulate the right knowledge, however, I have to ask the right questions. I'm going to show you those questions here.

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They call me Isaac



It's been nearly 7 years since I billed my first freelance project, and I still find excitement in creating digital experiences from ideas.


My father is a jazz pianist and my mom has her PhD in piano studies, so I was introduced to art and music studies as a child. I developed an affinity toward drawing, fashion, and other arts in those early years as well.


I'm married to my best friend India. Also a disciple of Jesus - a scenario in which the western, sexualized definition of "love" falls short.

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