The biggest real estate company in the world gets modern

"We want to make the Zillow for commercial real estate," they said. And so we did.

This is one of my personal favorite projects, both in the sense that it was fun to do and in that I'm proud of the design.

Product Development
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I designer this diagram to help with conversations about positioning the app for success.

This is the landing page design I settled on.
My alternate landing page design.

Getting started

We began by forecasting traffic and designing and landing page that would work well for those people.

This shows the final design with the filter dropdown, contact tooltip, and map pin tooltip.
The gray map style didn't feel right.
The dark map didn't feel right either.
This just felt a bit too complex. So we scrapped it.
This design helped lead me to the final design.
The listing details page shows all the important details in a clean, inviting way.
This option didn't last.
I still like this option, but not as much as the final.
I designed empty and message states for various spots throughout the app.
I also contributed to the brand, and put together this deck to encourage thoughtful positioning

The core experience

When it comes down to it, the app has a pretty straightforward flow - search for space for rent in your area, browse and filter results, and view details for & inquire about specific spaces.

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