Hi, I'm Isaac Campbell
This is my bio/resume

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I've loved all types of art all my life. When I was a very young child I told my mom I wanted to be a painter. She told me people don’t do that much for a living anymore, so I found the next best thing – I found digital experience design. I still love painting, sketching, fashion, and music, but UX design is my full time job. I've done app design, websites, user research & testing, and branding. My forte is cross-device app design, and my process sets me apart.


I've been employed in small business & mid-sized business. Consulted for corporations. Contracted and freelanced.

July '13 - July '14

Lead Designer

My career in design and usability started at Fannit, a startup marketing firm. I allowed this job to take the place of going to school, a decision I still don't regret because of hands-on learning it provided me with.

The role started as an account manager and content writer for a group of clients, but quickly moved to graphic designer as the firm evolved. My responsibilities as such were to design infographics, websites, and brands. But the focus, as a marketing provider, was always designing for the user so that experiences would equal conversions. This set the groundwork for my next role - experience design.

August '14 - Current

UX Designer
Fresh Consulting

At Fresh I'm imbued with knowledge from a team of exceptional people, offered roles in a large variety of projects, and introduced to standards and techniques I never considered before. It's been at Fresh that I began user testing and learned accessibility standards. Being a consulting firm, I've been able to work with many clients, including T-Mobile and CBRE.

Usability techniques graphic

Usability Techniques

One of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of design is usability. Designers love to flaunt shiny new dashboards and clean interfaces, frequently forgetting the experience of the end user. And verifying designs are agnostic to disabilities is a details often forgotten. My goal is to design experiences that look beautiful but function better.

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User Interviews

Talking to the end user is an exceptional way to get ideas & feedback, and users often feel honored to be listened to. Interviews can sometimes come before design has even started, in which case the goal is to receive validation or recognize alternative value.

Usability tests icon

Usability Tests

Ultimately, the best way to guarantee the experience of an app is to test it. Tests can be conducted in a variety of ways, including surveys with video tracking, preference tests, A/B tests, and eye tracking.

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The web is being used by everybody, which means that standards should be followed that allow everybody to use the web, regardless of disabilities. Disabilities such as vision impairments, colorblindness, and movement disorders.

Performance optimization icon

Performance Optimization

Smart images compression, as well as proper use of each image type (SVG, PNG, JPG) can make a substantial difference to load time and experience. If I'm developing as well as I designing, I use additional techniques for performance such as code minification, efficient use of classes & scripts, etc.

Onboarding icon


My goal is to design experiences that are intuitive, but sometimes making an experience intuitive involves walking the users through it. Typically this is as non-intrusive as smart placeholder content, but other methods include welcome messages or walkthrough tutorials.

Analytics research icon

Analytics Research

One of the valuable skills I acquired in marketing was knowledge of analytics. Before any redesign I like to look at current usage analytics. This identifies how users currently interact with the experience so I know which flows and content to retain and what's failing.


I've been employed in small business & mid-sized business. Consulted for corporations. Contracted and freelanced.

Figma logo


This is my primary interface design tool. Figma is rapidly gaining traction as the fastest, most productive platform in its field for many reasons. It's browser-based which allows for cutting edge features like multiplayer mode (a full team editing the same design at once like a Google Doc), link sharing for quick hand-offs and presentation, Team Library for housing reusable components and efficient design language systems, and advanced scaling options for responsive design.

Webflow logo
Design | Prorotyping | Hosting


I've never become as excited about a new tool as I was when I found Webflow, the acclaimed method for designing responsively in code. While there are options for custom code and embedding, the platform itself presents a GUI for inputting code values and functions so that a designer can effectively produce a code prototype or complete website. The platform completes itself with CMS and hosting options.

Photoshop logo
Design | Photography


Photoshop was my preferred tool for graphic and interface design as well as photo editing and & compositing for years. It's now been replaced almost entirely by Figma & Webflow for design and Polarr for photo editing. But in the years I used it I became a power user - familiar with the advanced features for composite imagery, animations, and even 3D (features some people don't even know exist). But unfortunately Adobe didn't keep up with the modern tools with their superior performance and efficient workflows and now rarely gets opened on my device.

Illustrator logo


Illustrator has long been the industry standard for vector graphics, but with the advent of Figma I barely ever need it. Performance is sluggish and the interface has never been optimal. But when duty calls for advanced graphic design, especially print work, Illustrator makes a cameo appearance.

AfterEffects logo
Motion Design | Video


AfterEffects is a tool for special effects video editing and motion design, but I primary use it for basic branding animations and depicting interface motion.

Premiere Pro logo

Premiere Pro

I don't currently create many videos, but when I do I use Premiere. It makes it easy to piece together clips with audio, apply color correction and basic effects, and integrate with AfterEffects projects.

InVision logo


Presenting static designs is difficult because it requires imagining all the interactions and flows. InVision provides a beautiful and functional platform for turning static designs into clickable prototypes. Prototypes can then be easily shared and presented.

Sketch logo


Despite being the industry standard for interface design, Sketch has presented itself with difficulties for me. Firstly, it runs only on Mac, which is not me preferred OS. It also tends to unreliability, especially when updating or using plugins. So while I've used it for various projects, I never choose it (especially with Figma now changing my world) and avoid projects that require it.

Clients + colleagues share opinions


Priya Chauhan
Designer II at Microsoft

Priya Chauhan

"It has been a pleasure to work together with Isaac, who is an innovative designer. Isaac is a multi-skilled Graphic Designer with great creative suite skills. When you get to connect with him, you'll discover a naturally talented person. No matter how complex the problem is, he will always come up with brilliant and elegant designs. His attention to detail is spot on and he spends time on his work to deliver high quality designs. I can highly recommend working with him."

Keith Eneix
CEO at Fannit

Keith Eneix

"Isaac is a progressive graphics designer that proved to be a great asset to our company in helping us determine our direction with web design, infographics, e-mail marketing, custom graphics, logos, and more. His eye for design (and art in general) has always been a step ahead of the average person. I would highly recommend his work. It's difficult to find a designer who truly understands the direction a client is trying to take with their brand. Isaac just seems to have a knack for visually representing that image well. We look forward to working with him in the future on other web design related projects."

Nathan Dean
Art Director at Microsoft

Nathan Dean

"With an inherent eye-for-design, Isaac consistently produces stunning pieces that exceed expectations. His natural talent and positive attitude make him a valuable asset to any team."

Britt Johnson
Software Developer at CBRE

Britt Johnson

"'Exceptionally creative' and 'highly skilled' are phrases that come to mind when I think about Isaac. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Isaac for over a year, during which Isaac created standout wireframes and mockups for two large software projects for the Market Builder Group at CBRE. I was impressed with Isaac's ability to make our color scheme shine and convey our brand across multiple products. Even more, we really appreciate how Isaac has always been available to add a beautiful element of design to features that required a quick turnaround. And, of course, Isaac's fun nature and lighthearted demeanor make him an absolute delight to work with. Isaac would be a true asset for any projects requiring Photoshop and/or design expertise, and I would recommend Isaac to others in a heartbeat."

Tony Lael
CEO at MarketingManager

Tony Lael

"Isaac has imagination, creativity and the technical skillsets that make him a top notch digital designer. He seeks out challenges to make himself better and is open to feedback which gives him the ability to continue to improve his craft. Upon leaving Fannit in mid-2014 Isaac was starting to transition to a place where he not only knew the design, but understood the business needs for particular designs. He is fun and productive!"