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A lot of agencies and services claim crazy results but don't explain how they get there. I find that annoying, and other people have told me the same thing, so I refined a process that's tuned to fit a variety of project types. I've only had one unhappy client since.


Before I can design anything, I need to understand your company's goals and how you provide for your customers. During this time I'll also research analytics and review whatever company information I'm provided with.

Research market

It can be enlightening to hear what real people have to say about an existing product or design in user testing. The feedback is often helpful in identifying core opportunities for improvement, but it also unifies everyone when the input is from a third party. The other aspect of market research is exploring competitors or similar players that provide ideas on both good and bad approaches.

Compile inspiration

I love this step. I sift through countless ideas and designs to find a handful of examples that feel really on point for the project, which is fun. You're more than welcome to add examples to the mix that they want to be referred to for inspiration as well. When a good batch is brewed we all look at the examples together and weed out the ones that don't make the cut. It's good to get aligned on what ideas feel right and can potentially be worked in


This is exactly what it sounds like. I pull out my notebook and jot down all the ideas that come to mind. For branding projects, this means I'm trying out shapes for logos and patterns; for websites and apps I'm wireframing layouts; for graphics I'm drawing rough illustrations. I can try a lot of things and fail fast. This step also includes writing up the sitemap and information architecture for web and app projects.

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Design / build

It's finally time to actually create stuff now that I've got a good understanding of your project, the market research is in, we agree on inspiration, and I've worked through concepts on paper. I've never designed something my client didn't like on the first try using this process.

Review accessibility

As the designer, I feel an obligation to provide a product that can be used by people regardless of physical capabilities. Refer to the accessibility guide for details.


Different projects require different types of optimization. Websites should have images carefully compressed, code minified, and SEO. Print files need to be exported using printer-friendly resolutions and colors. Apps and branding require their own optimization as well.



Once the designs and prototypes are complete, it's smart to go through a cycle of tests and see if the pain points discovered in the user research phase have been reconciled.


When delivering designs, my typical procedure is to share a cloud link with any project files and documents. By default, photos are exported as JPG or PNG and graphics are exported as SVG. I design in code, however if it requires work in design software, I make those source files available. Delivering a full website project means publishing the site to the internet and providing CMS access.

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It has been a pleasure to work together with Isaac, who is an innovative designer. Isaac is a multi-skilled graphic designer with great creative suite skills. When you get to connect with him, you'll discover a naturally talented person.

No matter how complex the problem is, he will always come up with brilliant and elegant designs. His attention to detail is spot on and he spends time on his work to deliver high quality designs.

I can highly recommend working with him.

Priya Chauhan

Designer II at Microsoft

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