Evan Ebert

Realtor at Windermere

Isaac is not your ordinary breed of designer. He's not simply just studied up on the latest Udemy courses on UX and design — he's possessed by an innate vision for what design can be and what it can do.  I've worked with Isaac in multiple different capacities over the years. He's worked on design projects for me specifically, served clients of mine, and we've teamed up for other projects.

Every time Isaac comes to the table, he teaches everybody in the group something new.  He is not afraid to tell people something that they may not want to hear; challenging the preconceptions of their chosen design direction.  Needless to say, Isaac scores 10's across the board in his creativity.

He comes alive in projects that seek to break through the status quo and do something revolutionary.  If you work with Isaac, you can be confident that you're working with the best — and your brand will undergo a rapid evolution to reap the benefits.

Don't settle for anything less. Hire Isaac.