Practically an operating system for real estate brokers

As an S&P 250 company, CBRE is leading the world in their industry. Unfortunately, with size comes growing pains, and in the age of tech that means old methods need to be replaced with modern processes to stay relevant.

That's where CBRE Dev comes into play - a tight knit scrum group building the company's next and best generation of software. It's now been over two years that I've worked on the team, and it's been an amazing experience.

Digital Product
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These organisms are big parts of the complete experience.
Search allows users to access information of all types from anywhere.
Adding a new space to a property could be done from the global Create menu.

Start with the legos

A design system is a library of "lego pieces" (or technically 'components") that can be used over and over consistently to create the larger experiences. These components include everything from font styles to buttons to larger pieces like, maybe, contact cards. The smallest legos, like buttons, are called "atoms". These are put together to create the slightly larger pieces, like modals, which are called "molecules". Even larger pieces are called "organisms" - see the pattern?

The app started as a way for brokers to track and manage deals.
Within a deal, brokers can access their notes, tasks, and core information right from the Overview.
We learned early on in our user research that the most important feature to brokers was actually just notes.
Ultimately, everyone wants to get paid. But the math gets hard for brokers, so we broke it down for them.
Managing properties is a key feature for brokers managing from the landlord perspective. Notice the pretty empty states?
Can you imagine how complex managing a skyscraper would be without a feature like this?
This screen allows brokers to upload and manage files associated with a property space.

After notes, tasks was one of the most requested features. So I designed this.
Who would've thought tagging contacts would be so important to brokers?
Before designing this interface for seeing commissions, brokers would have to call a secretary and get a print-up of this information.
A voucher is a submissions document to close a deal. It's very complicated.
This entire process used to all be done in a crazy Excel document. Redesigning it was like making TurboTax for tax documents.
Now you know all the details that go into a voucher.
We designed much of the core experience for mobile as well.
I thought this interface was pretty cool, so I'm including it here

The web app

Based on user research, we found that the majority of brokers were interested in a mobile app, but were currently using their laptops more. So we focused on building a robust web experience for desktop first.

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