Cringe at my old work

Here's a collection of old work that I am embarrassed to say that I did.

My first graphics

Enjoy a smattering of old stuff I designed back when I was a beginner.

Logo for a church youth group. I was over the moon about thin fonts back then.
I thought this was epic at the time.
I nailed the nonprofit-with-no-designer look.
Did I design these or just choose stock icons? I can't remember.
See how it's presented inside a computer mockup? This was a portfolio piece at the time.


My first job involved designing a lot of infographics because they performed well on blog posts as part of an inbound marketing strategy. Turns out they didn't result in any real sales though. Live and learn. They're worth a good laugh though!

This infographic actually got thousands of impressions, so I was stoked about it, but it's pretty clumsy-looking.
I couldn't get enough Oswald, but was also trying slab serifs on this one.
I drew this on a massive whiteboard that me and my coworker had bought from the Lowe's half a mile away. We carried it back to the office the whole way down the sidewalk.
I'm truly embarrassed by this one. Did I really think this would help drive sales?
I was so proud of my image masking and Photoshop compositing when I did this. Too bad it looks bad.
Let's just say there's a lot going on here.
Ashley Callahan from Coca-Cola actually somehow found this infographic and messaged me on Twitter. I was thrilled.
My coworker Justin was obsessed with everything Elon Musk did, so when it was time to design a new infographic he suggested this. I obliged.
This was actually a cool idea. Too bad I only had a crappy camera.
This is just so dorky. Wow.
Check out the blurred stock image in the background. Cool, dude.


These are a couple websites I designed a long time ago. I may add to this later.

This couldn't look more like a 2010 Wordpress theme.
Let's wrap up the show with the very first website I designed that got developed. It's still up and ranks surprisingly high from an SEO perspective.

Did you actually make it to the end of all this? Haha. I hope you enjoyed my courage in posting all this old work. #brave

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