Making the largest senior living service user friendly

A Place for Mom hired me to improve the user experience of their main website, affiliate websites, partner app, and call center software.

For their main website, I did extensive research and user testing until I had solid data explaining the current issues and the positive traits of competitor sites. The new website I designed passed later tests with flying colors.



A Place for Mom was losing ground to modern competitors, and it was no surprise. The website and the methodology behind the website was stale. By appearance, the website was spammy, and it hid important information about senior living communities until the user entered personal contact information. Unfortunately, the website still hasn't been updated with my designs, and this what it looks like:

The user research I did validated my assumptions. People didn't want to enter in personal information to see prices. They would rather use a competitor.

The new experience

I started by building a design system so that everything could be built using consistent patterns. From there, I redesigned the entire user flow from homepage to conversion. I solved for the issues that analytics and user testing showed and delivered a more effective, more beautiful interface.

I put together this process template for communicating with stakeholders.
The new homepage is cleaner, more effective at presenting value, and easier to use.
New results page has new filters and a much more friendly appearance.
New community details page shows pricing without requiring contact information. Other details and photos are presented more effectively as well

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